PTPA, Predatory Towing Prevention Act
Seeking change and protection from unreasonable and costly Predatory Towing Tactics for Osceola County's 268, 685+ resident's, the 6,000+ families and snow birds that live in the 48 mobile home parks and the 51,000,000+ vacationing 
guests and visitors that come to Central Florida each year.


What is Predatory Towing?
Our goal is to raise Osceola County resident's and politicians awareness of the fact that unreasonable, and costly "PREDATORY TOWING PRACTICES" have been the norm in businesses, private property owners, mobile home parks and especially the Siesta Lago Mobile Home Park. Because of this fact, the Predatory Towing Prevention Act needs to be enacted for the protection of Osceola County resident's and guests.

Hope and help for those that have had their vehicle towed.
Go to the Tow Victims Bill of Rights site.

Predatory Towing means that your car has been towed without your consent, excluding orders that come from the city, county, or state code or law enforcement.

Predatory Towing happens when lazy private property owners, businesses and especially mobile home park owners and managers give tow companies free reign to prowl their properties, in search of vehicles to tow without NOTICE.


Latest Story and Video 2/8/12
Cincinnati to crack down on Predatory Towing. Councilman Proposes Fines, Jail Time For Towing Violators 
Aired: 2/8/12

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Welcome to the Predatory Towing Prevention Act site.
In spite of the 2009, Florida Statute, Title XL, Chapter 715.07, there have been unreasonable loopholes that some towing companies, private property owners, businesses and especially mobile home park owners have used to take advantage of resident's, guests and senior citizens, robbing them of finances and even their vehicles.

At a time when our nation's economy has been in a slump, families and senior citizens, especially with lower incomes, need to be protected from some unscrupulous towing companies, with the full support of some private property owners, businesses and especially mobile home park owners and management. Working together they are employing tactics that exploit and rip off unsuspecting vehicle owners to generate a lucrative income for select towing companies.

Take my personal liberty, and perhaps I will spend a night in jail with interesting companions. But take my vehicle for several days or for good, and you might be taking my means of income, my relationship with my family and friends, as well as my life and future itself. Indeed, the high towing fees may force me to sign the Title of my vehicle over to the towing company to avoid having my license attached. Because I'm a senior citizen on a fixed income you might hinder or even stop me from keeping doctors appointments, buying groceries and picking up my medications at the pharmacy. It is totally unacceptable that Osceola County residents should have their vehicles towed from their private driveways, made so difficult to locate, and be ransomed at such high cost in time, money, not to mention the anger and aggravation. Enough of this predatory cruelty that robs us of our money, peace and even our vehicles!

The dictionary meaning of “PREDATORY” is, of pertaining to, or characterized by plunder, pillage, robbery, or exploitation. This is what has been happening to many resident’s at the Siesta Lago Mobile Home Park, as the management has pre-authorized Magic Tows drivers to roam our streets as a “PREDATOR,” searching to catch an unsuspecting resident-victim, with a recent expired tag on their vehicle, or a wheel on the grass. The Magic Tows driver will then stealthily hook-up and tow away the so-called “UNAUTHORIZED VEHICLE” from the residents' private, leased lot driveway, “WITHOUT NOTICE,”— no ticket, no sticker, no courtesy phone call, email or knock on the door—”PREDATORY TOWING!”

Authority for additional county regulations, and the authority for the commissioners to adopt the

Florida Law Title XL, Section 715.07 9 (b) These requirements are minimum standards and do not preclude
enactment of additional regulations by any municipality or county including the right to regulate rates when
vehicles or vessels are towed from private property.

It is just not right that loopholes in present towing laws are used to flourish by some unscrupulous tow companies, with the approval of some businesses, private property owners and  mobile home park owners, at the expense of vacationers, struggling families, especially senior citizens, These loopholes need to be closed and PTPA will do just that. TL
Question: How many middle class or wealthy people do you know that live at Siesta Lago Mobile Home Park?
I don't know of any, but there are many retired senior citizens and struggling families living here. TL

                   Hope and help for those that have had their vehicle towed. Go to the Tow Victim's Bill of Rights site.

The following YouTube videos show just how common Predatory Towing practices are across America. In these vidos, angry citizens, reporters and even politicians demonstrate their outrage as some unscrupulous tow companies ignore the law and use
loop holes in existing towing laws in order to rip people off.  Let me be clear, not all tow companies are corrupt, but there needs to be additional ordinances that protect citizens and vacationing guests from PREDATORY TOWING COMPANIES.

Cincinnati To Crack Down On Predatory Towing
Councilman Proposes Fines, Jail Time For Towing Violators

POSTED: 10:46 pm EST February 8, 2012
UPDATED: 11:34 pm EST February 8, 2012

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Two arrested in towing scheme.Kiss., FL
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I can't believe that the 2010, Florida Legislators realized the potential for abuse of power that was given to mobile home park owner's when they voted to approve the 2011, Title XL, Chapter 723.023, Mobile Home Park Tenancies, especially the statutory directive,

"The mobile home owner shall at all times...Comply with properly promulgated park rules and regulations..."

Promulgate means to formally proclaim or declare a new statutory or administrative law as in effect after it receives final approval. It means to make known, announce, or declare officially.

This one line in Florida state law has given mobile home park owners the authority to draft their own laws and ignore many Florida state and county laws. You can understand why mobile home park owners and their attorneys are overjoyed with this legislation because they can make any law, that favors them and that they want for their mobile home park, and nothing can be done about it. That's why it is imperative to change the state law to include all county laws in the unincorporated areas of the county for mobile home parks also.

There is no logical, lawful reason that mobile home park owners should have the lawful right to pass their own laws that favor them and trample on the rights of resident's that make their homes in their parks.

In Osceola County, the unincorporated areas of the county, private property owners and business owners are obligated to comply with county ordinances, such as towing broken down vehicles from their property and privately owned roads, but there is a process of Notice given (citation, ticket), the penalty amount and a length of time to comply with the Notice, unless the vehicle owner wants to challenge the citation in court.

Not so at Siesta Lago Mobile Home Village. They have passed their own set of VEHICLE TOWING LAWS, with the perceived notion that they have the right to tow vehicles from resident's private leased lot driveways, WITHOUT NOTICE which is clearly in violation of the Constitutional mandate that NOTICE of any unlawful act (large or small)be given. One of the purposes of a NOTICE is so that you can challenge the facts of what is written. If nothing is written, how can you challenge the NOTICE? Then there is the sad fact that Siesta Lago takes it one step further when they give every Magic Tows truck driver the right to prowl the mobile home park like predators to tow vehicles from driveways as the legal CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS of the park, and of course they make good money doing this.

Let me give you another example. Osceola County roads must be maintained according to state laws. They must display the proper signs on the roadways. Siesta Lago not only refuses to comply with the Federally mandated, State approved sign laws such as speed bump signs posted at each of their 26 speed bums and a handicap parking sign at the only handicap parking spot in front of the office, but they refuse to keep the roads in good repair. We can call the County to report a pot hole that needs to be fixed, but who do we call to get a pot hole fixed at Siesta Lago? They often ignore our legitimate complaints for a long time and sometimes never respond. (I do have a list of unanswered legitimate complaints according to their Standards)

And then there is the confusion with the various county agencies. Many have the mistaken belief that they can not enforce county ordinances because the mobile home parks have a special exemption and sometimes they are right because of this over reaching exemption that is prevailing law in the 2011 tenancies. The list goes on and on concerning the exemptions from state law and county ordinances, that mobile home park owners have been handed on a silver platter. In my opinion, there's no "justifiable" reason for it.

In light of the above facts, the Legislature may wish to redress these issues and clarify its intent regarding the mobile home park owner's power to ignore not only the Constitution, but Federal, State and County laws and ordinances. The ARC Corporation's attitude is, if you don't like our
Sovereign Immunity Laws, move out or sue us.

If you add up the lots in all of the mobile home parks listed here, the total lots are 5,140, not to mention the fact that I haven't found the number of lots in 8 of the parks in the list yet. That's a potential 6,000+ families that could be affected by Predatory Towing, and other Inequities depending on each parks Rules and Regulations.

Posted 2/16/2012
Site Updated by TL, 2/18/12
Question: Do we (resident's, businessmen, local and state officials) want vacationing families to have their Florida vacation ruined because their car was towed as they ate dinner at a Red Lobster or were staying with their family or friends that happen to live in a mobile home park  in Osceola County? Do we want these same families to remember that their car was towed by a mean, scary, tow company staff member that took some of their vacation money, not to mention the anger and taxi fare to get to the tow company storage yard to retrieve their car from some of the most unpleasant people that you don't want to do business with? Imagine the ruined vacations, because of Predatory Towing, and the topic of conversation when these same families return home? Not good...
Click the above button to view the Fox 35 News story about the 2 arrested in towing scheme.

Portland's #1 Predatory Towing Horror Story
A Magic Tows. "thug" tow truck driver, had a man, in a headlock, so that he could complete the tow because his tires were on the grass. The Sheriff's Dept. was called and the tow truck driver was allowed to complete the tow.                 No one was arrested. Eyewitnesses told me the same story..


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